Edge Protection System 




The EBR (Re-roofing) bracket is designed to fit to existing buildings where cladding and soffit disruption is not an option. It's also suitable for new housing and alterations, re roofing, solar installation, roof painting/coating etc. Temporary roof handrail systems have never been easier to achieve.


This bracket provides for excellent clearance with both timber and metal fascia systems as well as all gutter profiles given its adjust-ability by utilizing either one of the two different foot mounts for flat soffits, gable ends, exposed rafters, sloped soffits and face mounting.

Features and benefits of the Edge Protection RE-ROOFING bracket system include:


  • Suitable for roof pitches from flat up to 35 degrees

  • Compatible with both timber rails (SG8 90x45) at up to 2.7mtr bracket centres as well as aluminium and galvanized scaffold tube at up to 5.4mtr bracket centres

  • There is no interference with the wall framing meaning cladding can be completed right up to just below soffit height whilst the system is in place. and there is no damage to existing cladding or soffits.

  • The stackable design feature ensures simple storage and transport to site

  • No more waiting for scaffold companies

  • Fast to install and faster to dismantle

  • Fully compliant to AS/NZS4994.1:2009

  • Compatible with all roof access systems such as gates and stairs


The method of attachment entails an adjustable base jack on the ground placing tension under the soffit via a vertical pole attached to the bracket.

The non slip neoprene pads hold the bracket in place without any fixings and the design allows for "locking in" of the fascia board without any damage for extra peace of mind.